Thrifting isn't just buying second hand, it is a way of life.  Knowing that somewhere, out there, is exactly what you want and all you have to do is find it.  The single most asked question I (and everyone who resells for a living) get is: Where do you find your stuff?  My answer is some form of: Everywhere.  Of course this answer does not satisfy the questioner so I elaborate.  I go to thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets, auctions, estate sales, garage sales, barn sales and anywhere else someone is selling something.  The key is, no stone unturned. No 'thriftable' goodies left behind.  My car is always stocked with reusable totes, wrapping materials like bubble wrap or paper, a few flattened boxes and some packing tape.  Always ready.  Like a boy scout, except a grown-ass lady ready to shop.  

After so many years of working in retail and feeling like every minute of the day I was wasting materials, shipping costs, and generally wrecking the environment with the overall operation of the stores I knew when opening my business I would be more mindful in my approach. I reduced as much 'new' as I could in my set up and reuse all my packing materials.  As simple as this is, many companies do not do this because branded materials are part of their marketing plan.  My marketing plan?  Have quality goods and less overhead and let the pieces speak for themselves.  When half of what you're paying for is marketing, you can be sure the product quality has suffered. 

So what do I buy?  I buy what I love.  Now.  What I love cannot be quantified, the mathematical answer is the limit does not exist.  I love it all.  Mostly it's mid-century through the post-modern 1980's when speaking of home decor and furniture.  Fashion is 1990's all the way.  I buy quality fabrics like silk, linen and cotton and leather.  I look for simple wardrobe staples like slip dresses, blazers, button-downs and jeans.  The beauty of 2020 is anything goes.  A simple silk tank made 30 years ago can and does look fresh paired with rigid denim, mules and an oversized blazer.  My style is simple and complicated, I like all neutrals and tons of patterns.  I don't limit myself in what I love and I won't limit my store in what I sell.  

If I love it, I buy it.  You can rest assured knowing I searched far and wide on your behalf.  I cleaned it, steamed it and hung it on a rack next to fifty other things you're going to love.  Only the best, for you.